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Davidoff Cool Water

S.R 208 S.R 345

Cool water is fresh and sharp, simple and very masculine. Top notes include mint and green nuances, lavender, coriander and rosemary. The heart notes include geranium, neroli, jasmine and sandalwood. The base is composed of cedarwood, musk, amber and tobacco. It was created by pierre bourdon in 1988...


Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive

S.R 185 S.R 265

Davidoff cool water night dive a woody aromatic fragrance for men. Very unique perfume with a very charming blend will keeps you feeling attractive all day. Perfect for spring and summer...


Davidoff Hot Water Red perfume for men, Eau de Toilette, 110ml

S.R 205 S.R 374

يتميز العطر الشرقي المنعش بالريحان الأحمر النابض بالحياة والأفسنتين المسكر المطحون بالشيح في نفحاته العليا، ويقدم القلب الفلفل الحلو الحار والمتفجّر مع الباتشولي الرجولي، في حين تشتمل القاعدة على العبهر الذكوري للغاية والبنزوين.هو منتج عطري شرقي للرجال من مجموعة العطور الشرقية بالتوابل.أُنتج عام 2009.عطر شرقي حاد للرجل الأنيق.عصر في طياته رجولة فطر..


Davidoff Silver Shadow

S.R 334 S.R 362

An elegant and simple fresh oriental fragrance that presents freshness with bitter orange and cedar leaves in its top notes. Intense and pungent saffron in the heart. Base of oriental harmony reinforced by amber and patchouli...


Davidoff The Brilliant Game

S.R 207 S.R 426

Win any woman’s heart with davidoff the brilliant game with a unique radiant accord of americano (made of campari, vermouth and soda water) for a touch of joyful originality. Heart includes charismatic virility of a cedar wood and orange blossom accord. The base is sensual addiction of the tonka bean note...


Davidoff Wood Blend

S.R 368 S.R 460

Davidoff wood blend the new woody, oriental fragrance for men. A mysterious and noble scen in a beautiful masculine smoky gray-blue flacon. Very unique and perfect for your nights out and you special events...

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